Tuesdays With Mary


         If I met you at a party, 
                  or a writer’s conference,
                           or even if I bumped into you with a full cup of coffee,
I would know exactly what to say. Probably because
           I’d see your smile
                  or I’d want to know what you write
                          or I just had to tell you I really liked your coffee splattered shoes.
We might know some of the same people or you might write middle grade novels like I do or shop at the same shoe stores. It’s not the details of meeting — it’s the personal encounter.

But here on this blog I’m lost.

I’m thinking you’ll give it a glance and tap the X to close it. Somehow, I need to be interesting, so you’ll hang around long enough to find out I’m fun and nice and at least moderately entertaining. So, that’s why I started with the row of silly pictures at the top. And I guess if you’re still reading it worked. So, since you’re still here, I’ll give you my stats.
     I am a wife.
My husband uses the name Rick “Spencer” on social media and makes people wonder why I’m “in a relationship” with him ;o(
     I am not photogenic.
Rick is an amateur photographer. He spent an entire afternoon snapping over 400 pictures, so I could have a “professional” photo for my publisher. Yes, he did actually take 400+ pictures and most of them looked like the ones above. Amazingly, I ended up with about a dozen that were useable. Besides being awful at holding still for a decent picture;
     I am Mom and Mema.
I’m Mom to Michael, Jonathan, Leanne, Sherilyn, Ritch, Terianne, and Jeff. Plus, I’m Mema to Morgan, Vince, Hunter, Ashlynne, Caitlynn, Jocelyn, Treson, Madison, Kortney, Ryker, Bethany, Gannon, Gabriel, Laikyn, Naomi, Jabez, Mara, Keilah. That’s 18 fabulous grands, ages 16 to 6 months. Each one is a treasure! I’ll stop now before my bragging gets tiresome.
     I am a writer.
I’ve been published more than 50 times. My first book is being released by Ambassador International on October 1, 2019!
     I am a Texan.
I’ve lived in Hickory Creek, Texas (located about 30 miles North of Dallas/FortWorth) since March of 2018. I was born and raised in Chicagoland and lived there until June of 2017. The day we moved out of our house in Illinois, I posted this on Facebook.
                       “My husband has no job,
                                we are homeless and living out of my car . . .
                but we’re sticking together through thick and thin looking forward to a fabulous future.”
     I thought it was hilarious.
Rick knows my sense of humor, so he just let it go. The good news is: during our 10 months of homelessness we spent time with every one of our grands, discovered the generous Moore family who provided a place for us to stay near our future house, and survived the multitude of ups and downs that are common to having a house built.
     God is good!

Look for my thoughts next Tuesday.