Short & Sweet & Sometimes Sassy

Howdy y’all! If you know me personally I’m sure you’d say I am not a person of few words. Yes, I admit I’m a talker. And I’m a reader. Although you may be surprised that I’m not a fan of non-fiction. The exception is reading my Bible, of course. I don’t mean to be offensive if y’all love non-fiction, it’s just not for me.

I find it hard to stay focused,

my mind wanders

and then I have to reread — which is so time consuming.

I’m thinking I have some syndrome that hasn’t been categorized and given a name. Maybe I should make up a name so I can feel validated and a certain kind of normal. Or better yet let me tell you how much I love fiction.

A good YA romance:

takes me away from my busy and sometimes messy life to a peaceful place

A middle grade contemporary story:

Reminds me of how books I read as a child helped me feel good

A funny picture book:

Reading PBs to grands is very good

But all that to let you know when I named this blog Short and Sweet

                                 I meant it.

     I’m committing to a very low word count. If you’ve researched, which means going to the internet for me, you’ll learn the ideal word count for a blog is 1200 words, while the medium length is 1700 words. But, when I say short I’m thinking 500 words. 

     In order to validate this choice, I checked, “How long does it take to read 100 words out loud?The internet (aka the fount of all knowledge) says, the average reading speed is 130 words per minute, but that’s for reading out loud which is generally slower than reading to yourself.

     A short side story here, but first (I just know everyone reading this will enjoy seeing my grands) here’s a few bloopers from about a year ago when I insisted I needed a pic of my grands lined up in age order. (Note: not included 7-month-old, Keilah who wasn’t born yet)

     And now my funny story about reading:

     Once when visiting my grands in California my 3-year-old granddaughter caught me reading and asked, “What ya doing?”

     “Reading,” I said.

     “But I don’t hear any words.”

     “I’m reading to myself.”

     “But I’m right here and I still don’t hear words,” she said.

     “Actually, I’m thinking the words, in my head.”

     “You’re so silly.” She picked up one of her books and stared at the first page. “I can’t do it.”

     I did my best to not let her hear my laugh. “First, you have to know how to read out loud,” I said. Then I read her book to her, out loud of course.

So now I’m at 499 words and it might have used up 3-4 minutes of your day. But still this is short, right? And sweet or maybe today I just being sassy.


     See y’all next Tuesday